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Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is a government agency in New Delhi that serves as the issuing authority for Aadhar unique identification numbers (UIDs) and cards. The agency has been mandated by the government to develop, identify and set up the necessary infrastructure for issuing Aadhar cards.
Twinstar Industries ltd (EA code-1469) is an enrollment agency for UIDAI. The company collects and process the data. The company currently is working PAN India with high ratio for generation of Aadhar cards.

Smart cards
Cards like Costar or PVC cards, Twinstar Industries Limited has a large variety of smart card solution for large turn key projects in both private and public sector. Being an old IT expert Twinstar has a large team of people who can provide almost any solution in this domain.

Data collection
It is a systematic approach to gather information from a variety of sources to get a complete and accurate picture of an area of interest. The company is an expert in collection of data by relevant sources and with accurate methods

Data processing
It is the collection and manipulation of data and putting in to a proper format for a meaningful information. The data collected would be converted into machine readable form so that all the raw data could be; converted into a computerized format.

Server management
Monitoring and maintenance of web servers. Making sure that all the hardware and software of the company are functioning properly and our updated with the latest features and is working properly, monitoring; involves keeping track of every metric and parameter that may affect your server performing at full capacity. The company has a complete state of art in server management with all the proper technical person handling the servers.

State of the art server management<\strong>
We do server management with latest technologies that include VSE, Disaster recovery, load-balancing and cluster-management.