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Web Development

Web Development and Services.

  1. Web and enterprise portal development
  • Content management
  • Digital data management
  • User management
  • Collaboration and communication
  • ecommerce
  • Business process automation


  1. Website design and development
  • Professional design (look and feel, usability)
  • Comprehensive functionality (front-end features, back-end administration)
  • Back-end programming (dynamic page generation; database design, development, encryption; advanced search mechanism; built-in security; real-time payment processing; audio/video streaming)
  • Application audit and testing


  1. Application security consulting
  • Development life cycle activities
  • Security architecture
  • Security testing
  • Deployment review
  • Activities outside the development life cycle
  • Authentication
  • Input validation
  • Authorization
  • Configuration management
  • Sensitive data protection


  1. Application security consulting
  • Logo and corporate identity
  • Multimedia and flash features Our engineers follow industry-standards-based deployment methodologies and draw on a repository of attractive pre-built layouts and templates to develop portals that brand your business and…
  • Can efficiently handle high-volume transactions with more than 3500 concurrent users
  • Showcase more than 200,000 products
  • Are search-engine and user-friendly
  • Have integrated social networking tools
  • Have built-in Rich Internet Applications and Silverlight reporting capabilities


  1. Key business benefits of our web portal development services
  • Cut development costs
  • Reduce time-to-market with speedy rollout of multiple sites
  • Enhance marketing and sales capabilities with search- and social-network friendly websites